Chapter 6 Excerpt!

       Please enjoy a snippet of Chapter 6!


            On his way home, Ethan found himself smiling wide. He had figured out something important at work and suddenly he felt like he was right where he supposed to be. A wonderful sense of belonging filled him; something he had always wanted but never achieved in school.

            He took the steps up to the train platform two at a time, carefully winding his way through the other passengers. When he reached the top, he surveyed the area, checking the time before choosing a bench near the middle of the track. He always liked to sit at the center of the train. For some reason, it seemed like the safest place to be. Whether it was or wasn’t, he didn’t know, but he sat there every day anyway.  

            As soon as the train began its approach, Ethan knew something was wrong. A high-pitched screech pierced his ears, his hands jumped to wrap around his head. A quick look around confirmed that others were equally assaulted by the sound.

            He glanced down and gasped as the large structure beneath his feet shook dangerously. Turning his face toward the train, he realized the cars were shifting off the rails, the wheels wobbling from left to right. He got up quickly, joining the other citizens who were now also on their feet, searching frantically, unsure of what to do or where to go.

            Since he stood in the middle of the platform, he was farthest from both stairways. On either side of him, he saw people running toward the exits, desperately trying to avoid the impending carnage. He made his way to the stairway on his right, giving him the most time to get to safety. He was being pushed and prodded, the anxiety of the situation finally catching up to him and all those around him. The dissonance behind him roared closer, drowning out the screams of desperation as the other passengers progressively grew more frantic.

            Soon, everyone was clawing their way to the stairs, no longer mindful of manners or decency. Ethan was slowly pushed outward, inching near the edge of the platform. The sounds of metal grinding on metal mixed with shouting, stomping and chaos painting a very real picture of the impending disaster.

            It felt like minutes but in reality, only seconds had passed. Ethan watched numbly as the scene unfolded. First the scaffolding began to crumble, large splinters running up along the walls and cracking through the floor. Next, sparks rained down from the oncoming train as it howled into the station. Ethan stumbled, the floor no longer stable enough.

            A loud explosion caught Ethan’s attention. Turning around, his eyes widened as flames shot out in every direction, catching the surrounding structure on fire. The front of the train twisted, crashing into the side of the tracks, causing a chain reaction, each car smashing into the one in front of it like an accordion. Shrapnel flew; large pieces of metal and glass sailed through the air, landing on top of people or cutting into the walls, slicing through the floor. Ethan ducked fast, his head narrowly avoiding a chunk of steel.

            Across from him, a young girl stood against the wall, trapped and shivering, blood running down her face from a cut above her eyes. He gave her a reassuring smile which she returned. But then her eyes grew with fear. Ethan only had a split second to put his hands out before a massive train door smashed into them. The force alone should have been enough to level him and the girl. Instead, Ethan stayed standing, his arms still held out defensively. He watched as the door fell at his feet. He then noticed two small indentions on the door. They were shaped like his hands.

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