Book Review!! A Court of Mist and Fury


Not a spoiler free review!

The second installment in what I’m calling the Court series – A Court of Mist and Fury, finds us back in the Spring Court where Ferye, a newly made Fae, is set to marry Tamlin, a man she loves but maybe not as much as she thought…

After enduring countless horrors at the hands of Amarantha Under the Mountain, Ferye finds herself broken but Tamlin isn’t there to pick up the pieces, having to deal with his own issues.

His anger and rage become apparent/borderline abusive in this book as he refuses to let Ferye do anything on her own, for fear that something will happen to her again. The final straw is when he locks her in the house and she has a massive panic attack.

Thankfully, her bond with the Night Court high lord, Rhysand, saves her as he takes her away from the Spring Court. This further angers Tamlin and he vows to get her back. Meanwhile, in the Night Court, Ferye is subjected to Rhysand’s merry band of friends whom she eventually bonds with and lets admit it, we all love them!

Throughout the novel, she expresses her disgust for Rhysand, convinced that he is a horrible lord. But as with the previous book, he proves her different and she slowly falls in love with him. The difference this time around is that Rhysand lets Ferye be herself. He doesn’t treat her like a fragile being but instead teaches her how to use her new power and how to fight, something Tamlin forbade.

Rhysand is convinced that war is coming and with the help of his friends and Ferye, they attempt to stop a mad king from exacting his revenge and annihilating humans once and for all. The book follows their adventure into other Courts where they play detectives and treasure hunters.

But in the end, it’s Tamlin who screws everything up in his desperate attempt to get Ferye back. Basically, all hell is unleashed – thanks a lot, Tamlin – you jerk!

Overall, I give this book 5 stars!!! I absolutely loved the world building, the descriptions of the Night Court and the blossoming relationship between Ferye and Rhysand. At first I was all – Team Tamlin – but now it’s Rhysand all the way.

And while I might have spoiled certain things, I still left plenty out so please go buy this book! As I mentioned in my post on ACOTAR – this book also contains explicit sex scenes and swearing so parents be warned! I read this monster of  a book – 600+ pages – in 2 days!! I am so looking forward to my copy of the third installment, A Court of Wings and Ruin which should be arriving shortly.

5 out of 5



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