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I’m sure you’ve heard of the many bookish subscription boxes available. I love the concept of receiving not only a new book but the fun little gifts in each box that are related to the book world. Now, you’re probably asking yourself – Georgina, there are so many bookish boxes available, how did you end up choosing Whimsify?

Well, it’s simple. Whimsify not only includes Young Adult books, but the gifts inside are awesome. Some other boxes include things like posters and jewelry and things that don’t really interest me. But Whimsify always includes things like candles and bookmarks that I love! So here’s how it works, in case you’re not familiar with bookish subscription boxes.

First, choose a company. What’s nice are the amount of choices available. No matter what types of books you read, there will be a subscription box company that tailors to it. Here are some honorable mentions of great bookish subscription companies, some of which I will be trying soon:

Owlcrate – known for YA books, this company is extremely popular!

Illumicrate – which is based in the UK (the only reason I didn’t choose them was the shipping)

FairyLoot – another UK based company (again, didn’t pick them because of shipping)

Uppercase – which I’ll be trying soon, is also a YA focused bookish box. They’re the least expensive at $23 a month, but they only include 1-2 items in addition to the book while most other companies include 5-6.

The Bookish Box – what’s nice about this company is that they include a t-shirt with every order and you can choose between YA and adult fiction books. Their additional items are also unique because they’re bookish but also fashion and beauty inspired. I will also be trying this company soon!

SpearCraft – YA bookish company that includes items from multiple fandoms. Also has plans for books only starting at $13.99/mo

LitJoyCrate – Focused on a slightly younger demographic, this company includes middle grade and children’s books.

ShelfLoveCrate – specializes in YA scifi and fantasy books. I will be giving them a try as well!

TheBookieBox – Another YA box with candles and bookmarks – Trying soon!!

So you’re seeing a theme right? Young Adult is definitely the target market since they tend to have disposable income and can afford the $30 or so a month. These boxes attract customers with limited edition and exclusive items that you can’t buy anywhere.

Now on to my amazing box from Whimsify!!! ***SPOILERS***


The October theme was underdogs and who doesn’t love a good underdog? Sometimes, the best part of the story is the character that no one thinks will accomplish anything and then they become a hero!


I literally love all the extra items I got especially the Neville candle that smells amazing and the Jane Eyre bath salts. I also love that the candle is a travel candle that I can take with me wherever I go.


Then of course, we have the Stranger Things bookmark – Ahhhh!! Love Love Love! Then we have the Loser’s Club button which found it’s home on my messenger bag and an adorable notebook from Strange the Dreamer. Who doesn’t love a notebook?

And of course we have this month’s book Nyxia by Reintgen. I’m happy that I haven’t read it but I’ve seen this book all over Instagram! It takes place in the future where a substance called Nyxia was discovered. It has the ability to transform into anything and therefore is highly sought after. The main character is recruited to go to a planet to extract as much of the substance as possible but naturally, not everything is as it seems and it comes at a cost. I’m very excited to read this book and I love all of the fun items in the box.

I will definitely get a box from them again! Stay tuned for my next post about another great bookish box!













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