Prologue – Midnight Wolf!

Enjoy this sneak peak at my upcoming novel – Midnight Wolf!


Obsidian feathers ruffled in the crisp autumn breeze, releasing fat rain droplets from the morning storm. The raven sat perched on a brittle branch, over-looking the vast forest, focusing its vision until it found her. From this vantage point, the raven could clearly see the girl, as she hurried across the slippery moss-covered ground, tripping and stumbling, frantic and afraid. It would catch her soon.

            The young girl ducked between trees, weaving her way through the thick foliage, jumping over rotting logs, desperate in her attempts to flee. Labored breaths puffed from her mouth, small clouds of moist air dotting her frenzied path. She snapped her head to the left at the sound of a vicious snarl. It was getting closer. She took off in the opposite direction, quickening her pace.

            The rushing current of a nearby stream drew her attention and she knew if she could find it and follow it north, she could reach the main highway. She took off toward the sound, climbing over tree stumps and large rocks, racing through tall grass, careful not to slide on the misty dew.

            Her morning runs in the preserve had become a ritual ever since she joined the high school track team. She had always been somewhat athletic but sports were never a priority for her. School was. An academic scholarship had been her goal since the 9th grade. Growing up with three siblings, money was a constant topic of discussion between her parents. How would they send four kids to college?

            At first, she wasn’t even going to try out –school activities weren’t really her thing either– but once she saw the boys on the team, she realized she would have to do something if she ever wanted to have a social life, not to mention the prospect of a college scholarship. Athletic or academic, a scholarship was a scholarship.

            A dip in the uneven terrain caused her legs to tremble, her lungs burning with exertion. But she had to keep going. She had to get away. Another growl echoed behind her in the trees forcing her to push harder. She couldn’t be more than a mile from the highway by now. She just needed to find the water.

            Her ponytail swung wildly as she looked around, somewhat lost. Was she going in circles? Where was the water? She briefly stopped and closed her eyes, listening for the familiar sound. When she finally heard it, she began to run toward it, noticing the other set of footfalls behind her gaining speed. Her body ached, her joints stiff with tension. Slick sweat dripped down her face, into her eyes, clouding her vision. She quickly wiped her brow with her sweatshirt and barreled into a crowded row of bushes that lead to a meadow. Halfway into the open plane, she halted, skidding to a stop at the sight of it.

            Partially hidden behind an enormous set of oak trees were two red eyes, a long dark snout and sharp fangs dripping with saliva. Its silhouette appeared enormous. The pounding of her heart was so loud, she was certain the crea-ture could hear it. She stood in the middle of the meadow, shaking, sweating and utterly terrified. But she was also determined to live.

            Stepping back cautiously, she stretched her arms in front of her in a placating manner. She wondered why the beast wasn’t attacking but before she could change her mind, she turned on her heel and darted back into the dense forest. Hot on her tracks, the creature followed, snarling and biting as it closed in on its prey.

            She wasn’t sure where she was going anymore. Her only goal now was to get away from the massive animal chasing her. The mid-morning sunlight streaming between the branches offered little illumination, blanketing the damp forest in a dull glow. A low fog, rolling slowly across the ground made her escape more difficult. It was getting harder to see, the further she went into the wilderness; thunderous footsteps closed in on her, growing louder and heavier.

            Distracted by her assailant, the girl lost her footing near a deep ridge and began to tumble roughly down a long hill filled with sharp rocks and branches. Each twist and turn left her battered, scraped and bloodied. When she finally reached the bottom, she rolled to the side, crying out. Her right ankle radiated with pain while her thigh bled through her sweats. She quickly inspected the gash, ripping the bottom of her undershirt off and wrapping it around the injury. Covered in dirt, leaves and twigs, she swept her hands across her clothes, surveying the rest of her body for injuries.

            A vicious bark caught her attention.

            At the top of the hill she found the creature staring at her, its lip curled back, teeth bared. She scrambled to her feet and hobbled as fast as she could, desperate to get away. A fear she had never known pooled in her stomach, tying itself into knots.  

            Back and forth, her eyes searched the area, horrified that she no longer knew where she was. She had never been this deep into the preserve before and now every tree, crevice and blade of grass looked exactly the same. A piercing howl broke her thoughts, fueling her body to keep moving.

            She kept a hand on her leg, applying pressure to the wound as she stumbled around the unsteady terrain, gnarled tree roots protruding in every direction like snakes swimming through the earth. An eerie calm filtered through the branches, draping the forest in absolute silence. A chill crept up her spine like a spider on a thread of silk. Her eyes landed a few hundred yards in front of her where the remains of a decrepit structure stood. Staggering toward her destination, she only prayed it held a place inside for her to hide.

            The closer she got, the more the building resembled a church with decaying white walls, a large brass bell laying askew and a wooden roof that was almost caved in, covered in thick moss with leafy tendrils growing along the sides. The floor was littered with rusty colored leaves and dirt, the earthy stench of mildew invading her senses. The pews were nothing more than piles of rotting wood gathered in the center of the room. She quickly searched for a hiding spot, locating a small door to her right.

            Running inside the cramped closet, she slammed the door, holding the knob tightly. Huddled against the shoddy wooden frame, she shivered from both the cold and sheer fright. This was not how she thought she would die. She pictured a life that included college, a job and maybe a boyfriend but she hadn’t even been kissed yet. It was too soon. She still had so much to do.

            She used her left hand to cover her mouth when she heard heavy, calculated footsteps approaching. This was it. The beast had finally gotten her. This is where she would die. She sobbed silently, fat tears spilling from her eyes as she readied herself. She listened closely, holding her breath, only to realize that human boots were making the footfalls.

            “Hello?” asked a deep masculine voice. She loosened her hold on the door and released a deep sigh. Surely, upon seeing her broken demeanor and filthy clothes, the stranger would help her. She opened the door and watched the stranger turn toward her. He wore a long black coat covered in fresh rain and deep brown boots that were once nice but now covered in mud. He eyed her up and down, stopping to look over her injuries, his nicely tailored clothes appearing out of place in the depth of the forest.  

            “Please help me,” she began to say as she hopped forward. “An animal was chasing me and I…I fell down a ravine.” She motioned to her torn and dirty clothes.

            The man, older than she guessed, tilted his head and clicked his tongue. “You don’t look so great,” he said. Obviously. There was something creepy about him but in that moment, she would have done anything to get away from the creature. “Can you help me get to the highway?” she asked. The man stepped back and looked to the doorway.

            “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

            She glanced in the same direction and screamed when the creature that had been stalking her all morning slowly sauntered inside. It was bigger than she imagined, its massive head easily reaching her shoulder in height. Black fur covered thick paws bigger than her hands, each with pointy claws that clicked when they stepped on the decaying wooden floor. It looked like a wolf but unlike any she had seen before. Though its teeth and jaw were impressive, it was the creature’s blood red eyes that truly terrified the girl, for she knew she was staring at something that wasn’t of this world.

            She stumbled backward, her wet eyes darting between the animal and the man she assumed would be her savior but now appeared to be an accomplice in her demise. “Please,” she pleaded. A rotten piece of the floor caught her foot, causing her to fall and land on her backside. She quickly sat up and scrambled away from the wolf. It stalked closer, rearing its fangs, snarling and growling savagely, but still, it didn’t attack.

            “Please, help me.”

            But her plea went unanswered again. The man simply stared at her and then the wolf. That’s when everything made sense. The man was controlling the wolf and he wanted it to attack her. That had been his plan all along. But why her? Was she somehow important? Or was this all a sadistic game? She swallowed down a scream, realizing the wolf was waiting for his master’s command. Her eyes met the stranger’s dark stare.

            “Please don’t do-”

            “Kill,” he said.

            The man watched as his beast ripped through flesh, crunching bones into powder, tearing muscle apart until there was nothing left of the pretty young girl. Nothing but blood matted hair sitting atop a pale face, sunken grey eyes and a mouth permanently etched in a scream.

            He watched and he smiled.



Whimsify Unboxing!!



I’m sure you’ve heard of the many bookish subscription boxes available. I love the concept of receiving not only a new book but the fun little gifts in each box that are related to the book world. Now, you’re probably asking yourself – Georgina, there are so many bookish boxes available, how did you end up choosing Whimsify?

Well, it’s simple. Whimsify not only includes Young Adult books, but the gifts inside are awesome. Some other boxes include things like posters and jewelry and things that don’t really interest me. But Whimsify always includes things like candles and bookmarks that I love! So here’s how it works, in case you’re not familiar with bookish subscription boxes.

First, choose a company. What’s nice are the amount of choices available. No matter what types of books you read, there will be a subscription box company that tailors to it. Here are some honorable mentions of great bookish subscription companies, some of which I will be trying soon:

Owlcrate – known for YA books, this company is extremely popular!

Illumicrate – which is based in the UK (the only reason I didn’t choose them was the shipping)

FairyLoot – another UK based company (again, didn’t pick them because of shipping)

Uppercase – which I’ll be trying soon, is also a YA focused bookish box. They’re the least expensive at $23 a month, but they only include 1-2 items in addition to the book while most other companies include 5-6.

The Bookish Box – what’s nice about this company is that they include a t-shirt with every order and you can choose between YA and adult fiction books. Their additional items are also unique because they’re bookish but also fashion and beauty inspired. I will also be trying this company soon!

SpearCraft – YA bookish company that includes items from multiple fandoms. Also has plans for books only starting at $13.99/mo

LitJoyCrate – Focused on a slightly younger demographic, this company includes middle grade and children’s books.

ShelfLoveCrate – specializes in YA scifi and fantasy books. I will be giving them a try as well!

TheBookieBox – Another YA box with candles and bookmarks – Trying soon!!

So you’re seeing a theme right? Young Adult is definitely the target market since they tend to have disposable income and can afford the $30 or so a month. These boxes attract customers with limited edition and exclusive items that you can’t buy anywhere.

Now on to my amazing box from Whimsify!!! ***SPOILERS***


The October theme was underdogs and who doesn’t love a good underdog? Sometimes, the best part of the story is the character that no one thinks will accomplish anything and then they become a hero!


I literally love all the extra items I got especially the Neville candle that smells amazing and the Jane Eyre bath salts. I also love that the candle is a travel candle that I can take with me wherever I go.


Then of course, we have the Stranger Things bookmark – Ahhhh!! Love Love Love! Then we have the Loser’s Club button which found it’s home on my messenger bag and an adorable notebook from Strange the Dreamer. Who doesn’t love a notebook?

And of course we have this month’s book Nyxia by Reintgen. I’m happy that I haven’t read it but I’ve seen this book all over Instagram! It takes place in the future where a substance called Nyxia was discovered. It has the ability to transform into anything and therefore is highly sought after. The main character is recruited to go to a planet to extract as much of the substance as possible but naturally, not everything is as it seems and it comes at a cost. I’m very excited to read this book and I love all of the fun items in the box.

I will definitely get a box from them again! Stay tuned for my next post about another great bookish box!













Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Not Entirely Spoiler Free 😉




I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this book. I’ve seen it’s cover on dozens on Instagram pages, websites and all over Facebook. Finally, I told myself that I had to see what all the fuss was about and I now understand. This book is AMAZING!

Written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle and Dante is a coming of age story not just focused on a boy becoming a man but a boy learning about himself. There was so much to love about this story because Benjamin Saenz writes in such a relatable way that you can’t help but feel for the characters.

The story is told from Ari’s point of view where he explains his hatred of summer, people, school and life in general. Ari is an angry teen who prefers to be alone than to make the effort to have friends. While he loves his parents, he’s convinced that they don’t understand him and he doesn’t understand them. He’s a Mexican American living in El Paso in a community with other Latinos. He is the youngest of four by 12 years and that makes him feel even more alone. He has twin sisters who treat him like a son instead of a brother and a brother who is in prison. He barely remembers his brother and his parents never talk about him. That only fuels Ari’s anger.

Saenz paints a beautiful picture of a boy at odds with himself, angry with the world and hopeless. Then one day, Ari meets Dante at the community pool. Dante is also a Mexican American but more fair skinned and can’t really speak Spanish. Throughout the story there are moments when Dante doesn’t feel Mexican enough and Ari feels too Mexican, something I can relate to. Dante offers to teach Ari how to swim and soon they become friends, much to everyone’s surprise.

Ari then begins to see life a little differently as Dante shows him another side of the world. Dante is smart, artistic, creative, an avid reader, a hater of tennis shoes, lover of animals and a great swimmer. He says he’s crazy about his parents, something Ari finds odd but soon understands. It makes him want that bond with his parents. But Ari’s parents are more closed off and talking is not something they do. Dante’s parents, on the other hand, are open books.

Toward the end of the summer, on a rainy day, Dante is out in the middle of the street, trying to save an injured bird. He doesn’t see the oncoming car but Ari does and pushes him out of the way only to be struck himself. He wakes up in the hospital with broken legs and a fractured arm. Dante can’t stop apologizing to Ari and telling him what a hero he is. On top of that, Dante tells him his family is going to Chicago for a year. Ari is not happy.

And this is where their relationship changes as they drift apart and begin to experience teenage things like drugs, alcohol and girls on their own instead of together.  This is also the time when Dante confesses via letter that he thinks he’s gay. Ari doesn’t know how to react to that.

When Dante returns the following summer, their friendship seems strained. But soon they start hanging out again and its almost like old times. That is until Dante kisses Ari. It becomes obvious in the story that Dante is in love with Ari, a sentiment that Ari doesn’t return. This drives a wedge between them. Dante tries to move on to another boy but while out with the other boy, he is accosted by four thugs and subsequently beaten for being gay.

This infuriates Ari and brings him to his breaking point. He goes after the thugs and after the boy Dante was with since he left him there to  be beaten. While this is happening, Ari’s parents finally begin to open up to him and start talking about his brother. During the last few chapters it becomes painfully obvious that Ari is also in love with Dante.

This book is absolutely amazing and beautifully written. I finished the whole thing in one day and can’t wait to read more by this supremely talented author.

5 out of 5!!!



Passenger – Alexandra Bracken



Today I’m reviewing Passenger, by Alexandra Bracken. It’s the tale of Etta, a violin virtuoso who literally stumbles into a different year in history, only to later find out she has the ability to travel through time.

This ability is passed down through the generations as Etta learns that her mother was also a traveler through time. The book begins with Etta practicing for her big night at the Met where she is to make her debut as a solo violinist. During her performance, she hears strange sounds that cause her to stop playing. She is escorted off stage where she continues to follow these sounds that no one else hears. No one else except for Sophia, another soloist. Together they find a portal and pass through it landing them 1776, just off the West Indies, on a large ship.

Shortly after, Etta finds out that Sophia is also a traveler who shoved her into the portal on purpose because her grandfather needs Etta for a mission. The entire time, Etta has no idea whats happening since her mother never told her about her abilities.

One thing that I love (among many) is the way Alexandra Bracken weaves her story. It’s difficult when dealing with time travel to know when to drop hints or clues but Alex did it beautifully, so that each time something was revealed, you were able to follow the story and not have to go back because you were confused. Small tidbits that didn’t make sense when they were spoken or seemed irrelevant were later deemed to be vital to the story. I loved those moments.

On the ship, she meets Nicholas (my new favorite male character ever!) who is a black sea captain and also a traveler. I bring up his skin color because it plays a heavy part in the story. Throughout the first half of the book, it’s painfully obvious that Nicholas is an amazing man, great leader and captain. It is also painfully obvious that his skin color causes him a lot of disparaging comments made at his expense. There are many times that he is disrespected and looked down upon. I do love how Etta comes to his rescue when another officer from a competing ship tries to woo her by demeaning Nicholas. It doesn’t go well for him. After all, Etta is from the 21st century, where everyone is equal. (Supposedly)

Though also a traveler, Nicholas wants nothing to do with the lifestyle, simply choosing to remain in his current time as a sea captain. He has his reasons. However, he is related to Sophia (the bastard child of a slave) and both are controlled by Cyrus, the head of the Ironwood family of travelers. Cyrus sees himself as the leader of ALL travelers and is in need of something that only Etta can find, the astrolabe, which her mother has hidden. Nicholas and Sophia are ordered to bring Etta to him.

Once Cyrus threatens Etta with her mother’s life (because naturally mommy dearest won’t give up it’s location), she agrees to find the object. All that is left is a letter written by her mother which can only be decoded by Etta. Then they must follow the clues in order to locate the object. I love how throughout the first part of the book, the interactions between Etta and her mother Rose are tepid but full of information that Etta will need later on. Everything, every interaction and conversation in Alexandra’s writing has purpose. There is no filler, just wonderfully descriptive writing.

I’m also a huge fan of history, so I love that they went to Paris in the 1880, London in the 1940, Damascus 1599 and Angkor 1655. Not only did they go to these time periods, but Alex also added tidbits of history to coincide with the story.

One thing I didn’t love was Etta’s mother Rose. She doesn’t come across as affectionate toward Etta. She doesn’t even bother telling her that she has the ability to travel time. I understand why she didn’t tell her, it gets explained later, but she is still written as cold hearted. A lot of what happens in the book doesn’t need to happen but it does because of Rose and her inability to trust in others. There’s a lot of secrecy which I can’t stand. So many stories wouldn’t happen if people just told each other the truth! But then we would have nothing to read 🙂

My favorite part of the book was the blossoming romance between Nicholas and Etta. He was so stubborn and so sure that a white girl would never want him but he was proven wrong countless times. I love that they each had their own issues and insecurities keeping them apart but in the end they said ‘the hell with it’.

I’m not sure how I feel about Sophia, it’s difficult to like her considering she spends most of the book being a whiny bitch but you do feel some sympathy for her in the end. Perhaps in the next book her character will grow on me.

I knew there was a second book so I wasn’t expecting a neat and tidy ending but I was mostly satisfied with it. This book does true justice to not only historical fiction but time travel as well. It’s written so beautifully that I had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep. I’m excited for the next book and I can’t wait to see Nicholas kicking some ass. I would also love to see him in the 21st century.

Overall, I loved this book and give it 5 stars out of 5. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, YA, time travel or just want an interesting read, than you will not be disappointed.



Book Review!! A Court of Mist and Fury


Not a spoiler free review!

The second installment in what I’m calling the Court series – A Court of Mist and Fury, finds us back in the Spring Court where Ferye, a newly made Fae, is set to marry Tamlin, a man she loves but maybe not as much as she thought…

After enduring countless horrors at the hands of Amarantha Under the Mountain, Ferye finds herself broken but Tamlin isn’t there to pick up the pieces, having to deal with his own issues.

His anger and rage become apparent/borderline abusive in this book as he refuses to let Ferye do anything on her own, for fear that something will happen to her again. The final straw is when he locks her in the house and she has a massive panic attack.

Thankfully, her bond with the Night Court high lord, Rhysand, saves her as he takes her away from the Spring Court. This further angers Tamlin and he vows to get her back. Meanwhile, in the Night Court, Ferye is subjected to Rhysand’s merry band of friends whom she eventually bonds with and lets admit it, we all love them!

Throughout the novel, she expresses her disgust for Rhysand, convinced that he is a horrible lord. But as with the previous book, he proves her different and she slowly falls in love with him. The difference this time around is that Rhysand lets Ferye be herself. He doesn’t treat her like a fragile being but instead teaches her how to use her new power and how to fight, something Tamlin forbade.

Rhysand is convinced that war is coming and with the help of his friends and Ferye, they attempt to stop a mad king from exacting his revenge and annihilating humans once and for all. The book follows their adventure into other Courts where they play detectives and treasure hunters.

But in the end, it’s Tamlin who screws everything up in his desperate attempt to get Ferye back. Basically, all hell is unleashed – thanks a lot, Tamlin – you jerk!

Overall, I give this book 5 stars!!! I absolutely loved the world building, the descriptions of the Night Court and the blossoming relationship between Ferye and Rhysand. At first I was all – Team Tamlin – but now it’s Rhysand all the way.

And while I might have spoiled certain things, I still left plenty out so please go buy this book! As I mentioned in my post on ACOTAR – this book also contains explicit sex scenes and swearing so parents be warned! I read this monster of  a book – 600+ pages – in 2 days!! I am so looking forward to my copy of the third installment, A Court of Wings and Ruin which should be arriving shortly.

5 out of 5



Book Review!!! A Court of Thorns and Roses

So, I’ve decided to start reviewing books because I read a lot and I love to talk about the books I’ve read. I feel like, to be a great writer, you have to immerse yourself in literature and let it inspire you. (read inspire not copy!)

I’ve decided to start with a book from a series I love – A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Please be warned – this is a NOT SPOILER FREE! Read with caution 😉

The first installment in this series features our protagonist -Feyre, a 19 year old young woman who hunts for food so her family doesn’t starve. Her older sisters Nesta and Elaine act like they’re not poor while their father does little to help them. It is up to Feyre to save the family.

The world they live in is divided by a wall between the Fae- or faeries, and humans. Humans fear the Fae, as they have powers and do horrible things to people. At least, that is what humans believe.

The book opens with her in the forest, about to shoot a doe when a large wolf appears. Fearing for her life and needing money and food, she decides to kill the wolf. Much to her surprise, she does and she then proceeds to skin it and sell the hide.

Upon her return home, after selling the wolf’s hide, her house is invaded by a large beast that demands answers for his fallen friend, the wolf. As a Fae, this beast is terrifying when  he tells them that whomever killed his friend must come with him as punishment. Ferye, being the dutiful daughter, admits it was her and lets herself be taken. Her horrible family does little to stop her.

The rest of the book then takes place on the other side of the wall, where the Fae rule. The beast who kidnaps her – Tamlin, takes her to the Spring Court, where it is later revealed, he is the ruler of. There she meets Tamlin’s other friend Lucien, a Fae who takes a instant dislike to the human.

Much of the book is spent with Tamlin trying to be nice to her even though she’s his prisoner. After a while, she finally accepts that he’s not a monster and begins to fall in love with him.

There’s some foreshadowing about their relationship and it’s importance in breaking a 50 year old curse that I liked. One thing I didn’t like was that Ferye could have prevented A LOT of trouble if she would have just told Tamlin she loved him when he said it to her. Stuff like that irks me but if she would have then the story would have been different so I get it.

I will say that Sarah J. Maas does a fantastic job creating sexual tension because both characters are dripping with it throughout the story and you find yourself rooting for them to finally hook up. There were a few things I didn’t care for (mostly Ferye’s internal whining, I can’t stand characters that whine) but they were not important enough to turn me off the book.

Apparently if Ferye had said I love you then the curse placed over the Spring Court would have been lifted. As a result, Tamlin lets her return to the human side of the world. Since she didn’t say it – cuz she’s a ho – Amarantha ( a supreme bitch) invades the Spring Court and takes Tamlin for her own. Tamlin of course refuses her but he can only do so for a little while, according to the curse.

Ferye finds out and decides to go Under the Mountain – where Amarantha’s court is – and rescue Tamlin. Doing so causes her and others psychological damage as they have to endure countless horrors at the hands of Amarantha. She’s one crazy bitch. We also learn more about a character named Rhysand who plays a major role in the next book.

Sarah’s storytelling is addictive and I found myself reading this 400+ page book in less than 2 days. I will also warn those with young children who want to read this – There is graphic sex in this book. It is described in detail, so if you don’t want your 12 year old to read something like that, don’t buy them this book. As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed the sex scenes 😉

Overall, I loved this book. I felt like I was in the Spring Court with them, witnessing Ferye and Tamlin’s interactions first hand. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 only because Ferye’s incessant whining pissed me off 🙂

4.5 out of 5


Book Pre-order!!

So excited to announce my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon and kindle!


Writing Prompt #5

imageWrite about meeting an Alien who doesn’t know anything about earth or humans. Explain to them what love is.


Chapter 6 Excerpt!

       Please enjoy a snippet of Chapter 6!


            On his way home, Ethan found himself smiling wide. He had figured out something important at work and suddenly he felt like he was right where he supposed to be. A wonderful sense of belonging filled him; something he had always wanted but never achieved in school.

            He took the steps up to the train platform two at a time, carefully winding his way through the other passengers. When he reached the top, he surveyed the area, checking the time before choosing a bench near the middle of the track. He always liked to sit at the center of the train. For some reason, it seemed like the safest place to be. Whether it was or wasn’t, he didn’t know, but he sat there every day anyway.  

            As soon as the train began its approach, Ethan knew something was wrong. A high-pitched screech pierced his ears, his hands jumped to wrap around his head. A quick look around confirmed that others were equally assaulted by the sound.

            He glanced down and gasped as the large structure beneath his feet shook dangerously. Turning his face toward the train, he realized the cars were shifting off the rails, the wheels wobbling from left to right. He got up quickly, joining the other citizens who were now also on their feet, searching frantically, unsure of what to do or where to go.

            Since he stood in the middle of the platform, he was farthest from both stairways. On either side of him, he saw people running toward the exits, desperately trying to avoid the impending carnage. He made his way to the stairway on his right, giving him the most time to get to safety. He was being pushed and prodded, the anxiety of the situation finally catching up to him and all those around him. The dissonance behind him roared closer, drowning out the screams of desperation as the other passengers progressively grew more frantic.

            Soon, everyone was clawing their way to the stairs, no longer mindful of manners or decency. Ethan was slowly pushed outward, inching near the edge of the platform. The sounds of metal grinding on metal mixed with shouting, stomping and chaos painting a very real picture of the impending disaster.

            It felt like minutes but in reality, only seconds had passed. Ethan watched numbly as the scene unfolded. First the scaffolding began to crumble, large splinters running up along the walls and cracking through the floor. Next, sparks rained down from the oncoming train as it howled into the station. Ethan stumbled, the floor no longer stable enough.

            A loud explosion caught Ethan’s attention. Turning around, his eyes widened as flames shot out in every direction, catching the surrounding structure on fire. The front of the train twisted, crashing into the side of the tracks, causing a chain reaction, each car smashing into the one in front of it like an accordion. Shrapnel flew; large pieces of metal and glass sailed through the air, landing on top of people or cutting into the walls, slicing through the floor. Ethan ducked fast, his head narrowly avoiding a chunk of steel.

            Across from him, a young girl stood against the wall, trapped and shivering, blood running down her face from a cut above her eyes. He gave her a reassuring smile which she returned. But then her eyes grew with fear. Ethan only had a split second to put his hands out before a massive train door smashed into them. The force alone should have been enough to level him and the girl. Instead, Ethan stayed standing, his arms still held out defensively. He watched as the door fell at his feet. He then noticed two small indentions on the door. They were shaped like his hands.

Writing Prompt #4

Write a story with you as the villain…


Have fun with this! See how evil you can really be!


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