Writing Prompt #3

Write a story about a child going outside to play, however, the child lives in a post apocalyptic wasteland.




Look what I got in the mail today! First official proof! One step closer…



Writing Prompt #2

Write about a character who finds themselves alone in an eerie mansion. All of the doors are locked but the only way out appears to be a floor hatch leading down…


Writing Prompt #1

Writing prompts are a great way to practice your writing on the spot. They help to spark your imagination and get the juices flowing. Feel free to post your work below… to show it off! Be sure to subscribe to receive a weekly prompt to jumpstart your writing!

Prompt #1

Your character is a supernatural creature (vampire, werewolf, banshee etc) Write from their point of view as they walk into a bar. Who do they meet? Who do they talk to?

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