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Aeon Flux meets Blade Runner in the story of Ethan Drake, a 16 yr old boy running from his disturbing dreams, filled with people and places he doesn’t recognize. His quest for answers leads him to even more questions about the world around him and who he really is.

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“I found this book intriguing and every sci-fi junkies dreams. Ethan’s character is powerful and humble as he faces his dreams everyday in silence.

I found this book flowed nicely and transitions were spot on. I loved how you got to know Ethan before any other character as I felt this was a great way to set up the reader to take on Ethan’s life with him and not just watch it happen.

In most parts of the book, I felt like I was with Ethan as he struggled and I just wanted to be there for him as a real friend. I loved how unique the storyline was and how each character was presented down to a tee. I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything while reading Awaken, except for I want to read book two as soon as possible. The book left off on a great transition for the next book and leaves the reader wanting more. For Georgina’s first book and book one of Awaken, I’m extremely impressed and excited to read part two and see where the story leads.”- Chelsea Girard


“Awaken is incredibly original and captivating from the very beginning. From chapter one, I knew this book was going to be a lot more than what I was originally thinking. I am infatuated with Ethan and felt extremely close to him throughout the book as he becomes the first character we really begin to know and understand. I felt myself wanting to protect him like he was more adorable, but fierce, puppy. What I love most though was the interweaving storylines of the other characters that become equally fleshed out and intricate to the plot of the book. There were very few “fluff” characters, everyone served some sort of purpose.

Overall, this book flowed so nicely. I never felt myself wanting to pick up the pace because Kane manages to pack so much important information, action, and detail into almost every page of this book. I was afraid to look away from the page in the horror that I would miss a key foreshadowing moment.”      – Kay Kuever,


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Charlie, Oliver and Elijah Midnight are legends among the magical community as the most powerful Casters to ever work for The House of Casterion. As agents, they are tasked with maintaining order and solving supernatural crimes around the world, despite their young age.

When students begin to mysteriously disappear in the small town of Bennington, Vermont, the brothers are called in to investigate, unwittingly putting themselves right where the Wolf wants them. Secrets will be revealed, alliances will be severed and the bonds of brotherhood will be tested. Can the Midnight brothers work together and find the true identity of the Wolf before it’s too late?

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